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Enemies of the People: Latin-American Populism, Political Myth, and the Psychodynamics of Conspiracy Thinking

Article appeared in the Winter 2016-2017 issue of Science and Society, Journal of Political and Moral Theory. Abstract: This article examines Latin-American populism from a psychonalytical perspective and suggests a possible understanding of the role played by group dynamics, such as group regression and large-group identity, in the rise of conspiracy thinking associated with populist […]

From Scapegoat to King: Trump’s Election as a Purification Ritual Gone Wrong

The result is one of the great tragedies of human existence, what we might call the need to “fetishize evil,” to locate the threat to life in some special places where it can be placated and controlled. It is tragic precisely because it is sometimes very arbitrary: men make fantasies about evil, see it in […]

Whose people? Some notes on the ‘people’ of populism

Birth of ‘the people’: The human being is a social animal, and since the origins of the homo sapiens, it has always lived within the horizon of dependent affiliation to a group — be it the family circle, a tribe, or some other sort of social organization. The concept of “people”, though, can be traced back […]